Closed Beta Feedback

Preface:I have played tom Clancy games for over 15 years starting with the original on PC all the way up through.

Unfortunately after checking every day for a week, I apparently will not receive my follow up email with survey. This is unfortunate because I was one that would really have put some time into it. With that being said since the devastated probably won't see this I will just put a couple of things to maybe spark discussion. I think most have been mentioned already:

• I feel it breaks immersion a bit when playing single player and leaving the AI teammates behind when you jump into a vehicle and take off. This is fine when you're just cruising around but during those heated situations you could technically say screw them and leave a firefight and they magically appear in the vehicle down the road. This wouldn't work with players and shouldn't with AI either.

• I noticed that laser sights are essentially pointless. My friend had one equipped yet I could not see any trace of it when he had it on. There should also be tactical flashlight options.

•. I love the ease of use for NVG and thermal optics,though it is a small gripe that you can just flip them on even without a proper Helmet or nothing on your head. Not a deal breaker.

I didn't have any other major complaints other than those numerously mentioned such as vehicle controls and physics. They aren't necessarily game breaking and hopefully will be tweaked. All complaints aside I will be buying the game regardless. It's a ton of fun especially playing with friends – remember that. We are so spoiled with games these days and want everything to be perfect…this is the start of a great foundation for a solid game and series that I will enjoy for a long time to come.

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