Clickbait Post Titles, Crazy Ideas, And Valid Suggestions, and current loot state.

I played JS on day one for about 5 months, and picked it up again about a month ago. I joined this subreddit to see discussions and information about the game and so forth.

I want to say the game has come a long ways since then, but really needs a lot. This subreddit somehow is a reflection of the game. It would be nice if our moderators started removing some of the post with no-info bait titles like "I would love it if…", so I don't have to click to read an idea about adding helicopters to fly in.

However there are some good suggestions floating out there. I'm trying to find as much news as possible, and information that may be useful. I am having trouble ever finding post like loot spawns and information that aren't one comment no info post, and after a wipe I was hoping to find a lot more info.

As of now on the low pop PvP server I play on has had a serious loot change since the 14th update. We used to find canned food in fridges every time, now they are almost always (95%) empty. We are also finding way less ammo in Residential Areas. We are emptying containers and tables to try and get new loot spawns to no avail. Rancho was literally clean yesterday, and not another player to be found outside of PV. Can we discuss where all the ammo is now dropping, or why this may be happening?

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