Classes with really chunky sounds and flashy animations

I'm a boomkin main and for the longest time went thru alt ADD where I couldn't stick with any other class. They just didn't compare to dropping moons on the heads of my enemies. Nothing was as fun or fulfilling as hearing that crunch of the Moon falling on my foes.

I picked up my elemental shaman alt yesterday and realized exactly what I loved about my druid was present in the shaman. My spells sound, look and feel CHUNKY. The crack of lightning after storm caller. The flash of lava surge. I finally found something that feels and sounds like a hard hitting machine of death and destruction.

Are there any specs I may have overlooked that have similar astetics as far as sound quality or visually impressive spells/attacks? I'm looking for suggestions of all kinds, tanks, heals, melee or casters.

TLDR; My question is this: which other specs besides Balance druid and Elemental shaman have you found to really impress you either visually or with crisp audio effects?

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