Class Profiles Updates for Patch 7.1.5 w/Download

Hey all! I have been making TMW Rotational and class profiles for all classes since early Cata and have been sharing them with everyone!

I recently just finished updating all the profiles for patch 7.1.5 and will continue to update them to correct bugs and change things as needed throughout the patch and forward into 7.2 and beyond.

All profiles are set to show the Rotation for DPS and also important cooldowns and buffs that should be tracked. I have added Tank and Healer profiles for patch 7.1.5 and they function to display important information to improve your play.

You can find the links below:

Death Knight  – Download

Demon HunterDownload











If you’re new to TellMeWhen, it functions similarly to Weakauras but is more user friendly and more memory friendly. The profiles are rather large but are much easier to edit and customize using TMW but I would recommend using it along side Weakauras to get the best of both!

You can download TMW by clicking here: TMW Download

To see an example of how to import, click this link!

One last piece of news! I started a Website which I will keep updated with all the latest versions as I finish them! You can check it out at

As always please give me any feedback and suggestions and stay tuned for updates as they happen throughout the expansion!

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