City destroyed my base, or admin?

My friend and I set up a forward base near the cities in the north west, by the lakes. From the west most entrance I built up the cliff face, then on to the Mesa. Up there we set up a few wheels of pain and crafting stations, pit of yog…Yada yada yada. A bed. We did this two days ago.

We were logged off around 8 tonight after returning to our main base… When we get back up there around 10 all the stairs are gone, and the land is claimed. Also, where I had a little stored on the stairs up had fallen to the ground in bags.

Now.. those stairs I built were terrible. Really really bad, most of them didn't connect. Also, the server isn't blitz, so the total number of people with steel besides my friend and I is probably only 3 or 4. Being able to completely remove all of my placed foundations would not have been possible with a pickaxe, you couldn't have reached them all.

So does building too close to the cities somehow remove structures, but only at random times (we had logged a few tines, and out over night) or do you think an admin thought the base was too close to the city and decided to fly up and delete everything?

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