Chronos, Freya, Sol, and the fall of the Mage Hunter.

So with Season 4 came major changes to all of Smite, however, it seems that Mage Hunters were more or less removed from viability. I don't play conquest so my understanding of them in the Duo is based off watching Twitch pros/SPL but it sure seems like Sol/Chronos are no longer played as hunters and Freya is low tier but passable as a hunter. As far as other game modes are concerned they all seem powerful enough as a choice. However my main complaint about Season 4 Chronos is that he is no longer fun. He was fairly unique in his ability to zoom around and spam basics even if you were missing them. It made juking attacks easier and made quick bursts of aggression possible, even if was super telegraphed when you said "Let's Go". I actually feel that 4.2 Chronos might be stronger than season 3 Chronos but that fun factor is gone and I no longer feel the desire to play him even though he is my highest mastery. I also feel like the changes to items that Physical Hunters use was much more significant than the changes that the Magical Hunters received so even if Chronos/Sol were unchanged they might have been knocked down a bit in viability.

My request is that HiRez finds it in their hearts to give Chronos/Sol back their Basic Attack Penalty effects so that the feel of the character is returned even if it means some nerfs in other departments. I realize some people hate the Mage Hunter Meta and I think that even if all the changes to Chronos/Sol were reverted they would not be boosted to top tier picks so I hope you guys have nothing to worry about.

Sincerely, ex-Chronos fan.

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