Chinese Invasion on Official Server #81 (NA)

While playing on Official Server #81 (NA) this morning we got hit by a massive influx of Chinese players. The server went from about 18 players to full capacity with steam listing it as 48/40. The server then went down at 5am EST for what I think was a server reset, and when it came back up there were even more Chinese with at least 25 online.

They all grouped up and began running around the server spamming foundations and bedrolls all over the ground. The server started lagging pretty badly and rubberbanding constantly, which was pretty unusual even when the server was normally full.

The rest of the players on the server grouped up and started hunting the Chinese players and we witnessed some pretty strange things. First they were warping around and outrunning us, even though we were mostly level 30+ with decently high grit and they were fresh spawns.

The strangest thing was when we found them building a base. The area they picked was the ruined aquaduct and it already had a sandstone base on it. I had just run by about 15 minutes earlier and the base, while raided, was still mostly intact. When we arrived to see the Chinese building there were no remnants of the base and they had put up their own sandstone foundations and door frames.

We cleared out all of their buildings and bedrolls and did an extremely thorough job, however we found that we could not claim the area they built in because there was a reinforced foundation left over from an old base down below blocking the area. How they were able to build there is a complete mystery to us.

Just wanted to warn everyone else that is playing on official servers because this is extremely disruptive. They are causing a significant amount of lag and appear to be exploiting bugs to the detriment of the server.

Hopefully Funcom will open up servers in Asia and region lock the NA servers, otherwise we will end up with situations like ARKs official servers where Chinese will log into a server and stay logged in until they have the server entirely locked, then they will use it as their own personal server farming resources and raiding bases.

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