Characters should switch stance at the same speed

Edit 4000: /u/Kestrel1207 showed me this, so I could be wrong. Or I'm right, but they've already taken care of it. Something like that.

With offense and defense being connected it makes no sense for them to be slower or faster with defense, when their offense is already slower. Every fighting game ever block is the same speed, since offense is a different mechanic.

EDIT: HOLY BALLS THIS BLEW UP, thank you all. I'm trying to respond and keep the dialogue going. RIP my inbox

Edit 2: With this, you could have more complex mind games, you might need to add in unblockable/parryables though.

Edit 3: I also think just a balancing of the switch would be fine, but it'd need to be miniscule.

Edit 4: This would free up offense to be better particularly if the switch speed was just right and you had to be really aware.

Edit 5: Full block is how other fighters have block in their game. Minus the low or high aspect, but that's still a universal speed. Imagine if in SF if Mr. Bison was too slow to block Chun Li. It would be stupid. That game has infinitely more layers of complexity as well.

Edit 6: /u/Olrek has this

With that, still. Means the PK can fuck up and still block. So higher dmg, and the higher potential for def. Also they can do a LR shuffle and if anybody who's mad slow trying to follow will get rekt, which is bullshit because I'm trying to actively block all the time.

I'm thinking that if they made the stance change and the shuffle penalty the same it would be good. Make the stance change quick, and the shuffle slower. It allows offense to have a part, makes defense harder, but everyone is on an equal playing field in terms of off mechanics, def mechanics, and the mind games that make fighting games great.

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