Changing some Pvp Mechanics? and the pvp tab targeting?

Hello Gentlemen/Ladies, first of all id like to say im a big fan of albion online and i love everything about it except one thing, ofcourse some people will disagree on this but im sure 70% will agree…. all opinions matter and feel free 2 comment if u agree or disagree….

  1. the PVP is good but something is missing? hellgates takes 20-30 mins pve and when u find the enemy the pvp max times is like 5-10 mins? sometimes even less? if u get outgeared like 1 min?…. the open world, roam for over 20 mins, cant find alot of people in red zone? again if u manage to find a person the pvp is like 2 -4 mins max? spending so much time to find some good pvp in order to end in 2 mins?…ur gona tell me be hostile, ok fair enough, im gona flag on be a hostile…now what? 1 vs 10, 1 vs 5 1 vs 20…i mean? u can hardly find a 1 vs 1 match and if u do its after searching for 30 mins +….what about yellow zones? again go hostile…go fight someone, if u die wait 10 mins?…thats take way 2 long… u get my point? i mean something is missing like instant pvp?….another thing? i even tried black zone with a guild….spending so much time in pve, suddenly a zerg behind us, we fight em…the fight is like 3 to 5 mins match? we die or kill….until u go to ur city/zone, gear up, go to the zone when the zerg was, its like over 10-15 mins of walking, rinding a mount…thats so boring doing over and over again…..another thing on open world? i really hate the SELECT target, with no lock system? im trying to move and while i chase the enemy suddenly my target is on my ally or a random fucking mob that was close by coz i clicked it, ur gona tell me hold right mouse button…still thats so stupid, there are so many good pvp system and albion has the worst….they could do 1 simple thing, press "a" and chose attack with mouse instead of chosing the tagert and the press a to attack….we need a lock system, we need a change target bottum, lets say the TAB….we need some more skill shots….we need a system when u can do pvp for like 20mins match with points or something + plus and the winners takes it all, i mean the looting…we cant have hellgates doing 30 mins pve and suddelny doing a small fights that take 5 mins long, i do not call that pvp…why not add a SMART CAST? in zerg vs zerg battles u wana focus a target but u cant coz they are so many people in that area and u selet different targets everytime……listen people im not hating, i just want the pvp of albion 2 improve…this is the best mmorpg i played…the pvp should be like lol or heroes of newerth, the moba elements… where u can skill shot people, choose targets and not randomly change targets, or smart cast, and have more long PVP battles…im sorry for my english and the way i wrote my opinioons…feel free 2 comment

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