Changes to the Crucible Sandbox have made PvP decidedly anti-fun.

We are actively discouraged to use Shotguns, unless they are Universal Remote or Invective. Snipers too, except No Land Beyond and Icebreaker, and Fusion Rifles, though there is nothing new, there. "Special Weapons" has become a dirty phrase, only Sidearms are the right weapon for that slot. This may be one of the most restrictive meta-game conditions we've ever faced. Snipers and Shotguns have always been options, and Fusions have been the favored tool of those wishing to avoid the road more traveled. Why cripple their use so harshly?

While the latest This Week at Bungie entry gives "hope" in the form of upcoming Sidearm nerfs, it doesn't address the core problem. The loss of all special ammo on death is a harsh rule to enforce, and this pain is compounded by several other changes. How effectively can you counter an unsurvivable Shoulder Charge without any point-blank, close range weaponry? How do you fight No Land Beyond with a primary when the flinch is essentially non-existent? Why the hell can't we Kurt Cobain someone anymore, when Fusion Rifles already fill the no-crit-high-damage niche?

At the end of the day, I'm still a 99% PvE guy. The Crucible changes don't effect much in my day-to-day play. Occasionally I'll take part in the weekly playlist, or binge on Mayhem. This patch has totally and entirely discouraged me from even attempting PvP any more, as the rules it enforces seem alien in origin, addressing problems I never really saw first-hand.

I'm tired of being forced to use certain weapons in PvE and I can only imagine that PvP players want the same freedom. @DeeJ_BNG, @Cozmo23, Christopher Barrett, Greg Peng, Grant Mackay, Sage Merrill, Sage's badass beard– whoever I need to call on here: let us choose our weapons freely, give us a real fighting change to be efficient and effective with them. Patch 1.1.1 killed high impact ARs, destroying their range, damage, and overall usefulness in both PvE and PvP. It persists to this day. This hotfix is killing variety in PvP. Please take action, rather than just acknowledging the requests for change.

I guess I'm going back to upvoting every call for change and solution to this new "balance". Best of luck out there, Guardians.

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