Cernunnos is not balanced. And Not fun to play against.

This god is so OP every time I place my decoy and he knows it's not me. WHAT. THE. FUCK. And then when I rush deathbringer as my first item and ult him it's still alive then he kills me with basic attacks. R u fucking serious? sure I'm a few levels behind (I'm 5 and he's 12) but there should be no reason he doesn't die from a deathbringer Loki ult. He's just so bullshit, and then he can use relics like aegis to block my damage. He's already got enough in his bloated kit why let him use aegis which should be removed from his build so he can't block ults.

But you want to know the real kicker of why this god is broken??? I reported him for hacking AND HE DIDN'T GET BANNED ON THE SPOT. That's ludicrous and any company that would allow something like that is not consumer-friendly. Hi-Rez, please you have to nerf this god. Even all the prose and other forms of literature say he's OP. You never listen to your community so I don't expect you to listen now but something has to be don'e about him or Loki Mane K/D/A ratios across the board will suffer and the really skilled players will be punished by your arrogance.

Make the right choose and nerf Cernunnos and beef Loki so if he gets ulted by him he can turn back at will since Loki is a shapeshifter.

EDIT: Made this post as a joke posted on April 1st reads a good portion of the comments.* This is why I will never take r/smite seriously. Because they don't when to laugh or argue.

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