Castle Walls Either Too Thin or Too Thick.

So, the walls of the bases right now are too thin, they're like, 1 brick wide, a solution i found was to use foundations as walls, but then they get reaaally thick, so i thought, maybe there could be 2 kinds of walls.

  • Internal Walls: that would have about 2x the thickness of the actual walls we have, these would be more frail than the external but wouldn't occupy as much space or use as much materials.

  • External Walls: that would be as thick as half of a "building slot" and use more materials but offer greater protection.

Another thing i don't like is how doors and walls have more or less the same resistance to damage, that doesn't allow you t properly define the flow of your castle as enemies can invade it from anywhere and also i find it weird that swords and etc can destroy walls, here's what i suggest:

  • Siege Weapons: These weapons were made for taking down buildings, they're slower and deal a lot of damage and are the only ones that can damage structures, these would weapons like heavy mauls and maces.

  • Doors: Should be able to be damaged and destroyed by siege weapons of the same tier as them and would be the weakest spot of a defense.

  • Internal Walls: Would only be able to damaged and destroyed by siege weapons 1 tier higher than them.

  • External Walls: would only be able to be damaged by siege weapons 2 tiers above them.

That would actually make tier 2 and 3 outer walls and all tier 3 walls immune to all but explosives, gods and Siege Engines that i wish would get added in future patches.

I think these rules could make building, storming and defending a castle a much more strategical and enjoyable experience, tell me what you think, and if you like them, upvote them so Funcom can see them!

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