Castle Siege Mode! (kind of Battlefield 1 Operations in For Honor)

Hey Guys, Hi Ubisoft,

Since I played the For Honor Alpha I imagined a Castle Siege Mode and I was supprised that Battlefield 1 stole “my Idea” with their operations mode.

So I recreated it in my Mind using the tools, maps and idea’s that are already in the game and here is my Idea:

Basically the mode is divided into three steps and every step is a non-gear (as long gear is broken) short time-limited deathmatch situation.

1st The way to the wall 2st The wall 3st The final

  • You can imagine the first step like the ram mission or samurai castle siege with the vikings in the campaign.

Attackers need to defend the siege ram / troops / ladders /what ever siegecraft you can imagine

Defenders have to operate archers, ballistas or even onagers to defend. (these are outside the wall, and can only target the siege ram, troops, ladders, boats not the players)

The siegecraft moves in general slowly to the wall. If a player is in a certain area close to the siegecraft it would go faster. If an enemy player is near the siegecraft and no friendly is around the siegecraft stops moving.

Basically like a capture point: Red (attacker) moves faster Grey moves slowly. It would reach the gate / wall just in time. Blue (defender) movement stops.

Attacker wins this round if the siegecraft/ enough troops/ ladders reach the wall. Defender wins if it does not reach the wall in time or is destroyed.

  • The second step is basically a deathmatch domination game

The attackers need to capture three points. After one side captures a point their team can respawn once, but only if they are already dead.

Attackers win if they capture all three points. Defenders win if they deny this over time.

  • The last phase plays around a king/last objective which needs to be killed or destroyed.

At the moment i think it would be the most balanced thing if its just like the first round but the other way around.

Attackers can use troops, archers, ballistas to kill the king/destroy the objective. Defenders need to protect the objective.

The reason for the ballistas, troops and archers is that they force the enemy into a split, so it does not turn into a 4 man gank squad slaugther.

What do you think? Any ideas?

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