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Maybe I missed it all before, but now I'm really just curious because all I ever see or hear is how shitty the driving mechanics are. Can we have a constructive conversation?

What is it exactly that you don't like?

Assuming the core physics will remain roughly the same, what minor tweaks could still be made to improve the experience?

Aside from motorcycles (which are in fact awful), I'm pretty okay with the overall mechanics and I love the Santa Blanca trophy truck. Seriously, I LOVE driving that thing… other than the top speed being rather anti-climactic on actual roads. But the top speeds in most vehicles are not great, so that's my one major gripe. If nothing else gets updated, I just want the trophy truck to have one more freakin' gear. One more gear, Ubi, just one. Make it happen.

Sure, admittedly the driving is not the best ever and may never be GTA level fun factor, but is it really that much of a minority opinion feeling that the core physics are actually halfway decent and each car drives like it should? To me, driving a minibus on the world's most dangerous road feels like you're driving a fucking minibus on the world's most dangerous road. For the most part going off-roading in a Landrock (Jeep) feels like you're off-roading in a Jeep and a Zeus (Toyota truck) feels like a Toyota truck. Does no one else play other Ubisoft games? Admittedly I have quite a bit so I guess I just got used to it and did not have high expectations. However, I surely can't be the only one who thinks GRW is actually better then Far Cry 4, Watch Dogs 2 and The Crew.

So if you're not happy with driving in this game, and racing is coming, what would you have Ubi do to make it better?

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