Captain is only as good as his crew: crew tips for Hoy at 50+ hours

Hey guys I've won and lost my fair share on the hoy as captain and crew the last week, fair to say I'm addicted to this game, figured I'd share some tips that will make every captain happy:

1) help your captain, listen to him until he proves otherwise. If he's constantly calling the shots too early or late then help him, but mostly just listen to him. If he's yelling to get on the pump and you are reloading a cannon you're not helping.

2) Get on the swivel if all cannons are occupied and take out the enemy sails Nothing pisses off a captain more then when his sails are constantly damaged and he can't turn. A good man on the swivels (fire and then switch to the other) is invaluable for slowing down the enemy.

3) when you fire a cannon, and there's nothing else to do (holes and pumps and sails are not damaged) then RELOAD THE CANNONS.

4) when there is a fire, put it out ASAP. A fire can quickly sink your boat and kill all the crew. There are buckets at the front of the ship and by the captain's wheel.

5) Call out when you have found the last hole and call out when you are ready to fire and direct your captain if need be.

6) the best gunner should be in the bottom cabin directing the captain when to fire and manning both cannons.

7) when ramming, try and jump on to the enemy ship and kill their captain right away. Then kill their pump men. A good way to tell uniforms is to just look for the bright white of the Navy or the dingy grey of the pirates. It will take some time. After the ram get on the nose fixing ASAP. Three guys can all fix the nose at the same time. If all three guys get on the nose right away it's only 15 seconds until you're back up and moving.

General tips: do not fire the cannon too early, help your captain line up ("little left captain" or "little starboard" captain.

GET ON THE PUMPS AND HOLES. I can't stress this point enough. If you're under fire, do not bother reloading the cannons. Just fire them off without looking (if you have a shot just use the lighter don't look down the holes) and GET ON PUMPS AND HOLES.

The pump is not a glamorous job, but it is by far the most imprortant job to always have covered. If you are a level 30 and think pumping is beneath you and you watch as the ship goes down then you aren't helping your team win. If you are closest and see pumps not being used, GET ON PUMPS.

When repairing, seriously just run around spamming LMB with your hammer out. It will repair from 10+ feet away most times and some holes are hidden and this will help find them.

For captains, quickly: use whatever terms your crew knows. I generally just go "port side, left, left side" just so everybody is happy but if they don't know port and starboard just use left and right.

Finally, have fun and play serious by not too serious if you know what I mean. If the captain sucks mutiny him but just know that being a Hoy captain is much harder then galleon and to try and support your captain unless he's really just trolling or awful.

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