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First off, let me say I know you can sink the galleon. This seems like a daunting task though for one one one galleon combat because of how cannon balls act towards sinking ships.

I have 70 hours in this game, most as captain on the galleon, and for me I really struggle to land the “kill shots” on the galleon. Its not that im not accurate, its just that the ship becomes neigh impossible to hit when its in the water. I’ll watch cannon balls, who’s trajectory has changed and clearly was altered to hit their galleon, hit the water and fail.

Now i will aim the cannons towards the back of the ship, hoping to hit the part out of water, which helps, but still often fails.

So now I have to think, do I keep firing, wasting my gunners accuracy, points, and mainly much needed supplies trying to sink this galleon? Or do I turn and help my hoys sink ships I know I can sink.

Some of you may think, why not just ram?

I can hit the enemy galleon at max range with almost all cannons, so that’s usually where i engage from. If I go for a ram the ship will be out of the water before I get there. If I get closer, my cannons are even less accurate (so it seems) when shooting them in the water, also that allows them to easily turn on us when they come out of the water. Staying back is just safer.

So my real question is, what is everyone elses expirience? Do you stay on them? And do you sink them?

This also goes into how sinking and holes work which I dont full understand. Like if i can always keep 1-2 holes in them, will they eventually sink? Seems like with them on full repairs, meaning 1 captain, 2 on pumps, thats 10 people fixing my 1 or 2 shots that land. Math does not go for my side.

It seems like unless you get help from your hoys, or are willing to throw away a shit load of supplies and use a lot of your own valuable time on the galleon, its not efficient to go to sink them.

Like i said earlier, I’m curious what everyone else’s thoughts are on this.


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