Can’t make it past the mid game / mid-late game!

Hi all, this is my first battle royal game. I got the early game down bar bad beginning rng.

Rack up consistently 2,3,4 or so kills from early to mid game.

Able to proceed to safe zone all the time, only dying 0 or 1 times since I started playing last week.

Almost won a game my 4th game last week when I pre-ordered, reached top 2! The dude flanked me on my left hand side when I though 75% sure he was camped out at a tree just in front of me, oh well. 1 out of 12 games I would say I get into top10.

So the big struggle for me now is when the game is between 10-30 players, clearly I die 70~% ish during this period. DONT get me wrong during all aspects of the game I do get outgunned though 60% of the time even when I get the jump on them. I heard from a streamer they often only use third person view all the time save using the sniper scopes and the 4x scopes on assault rifles. Any advice for these sorts of things? I mean I know what I am doing wrong sometimes. I enter a building and a camper kills me, or im walking out in the open and get sniped by m16 with scope or kar98, or I chase a cargo drop and I camp the cargo and get flanked by a guy also keeping sights on cargo. Any suggestions for these things except maybe exercising more self control?

Also probably another big factor is still adjusting to the gun play in this game. Getting used to recoil, bullet drop, bullet travel time. BUT surpisingly I have had above average accuracy when dealing with bullet drop and travel time, I need more practice with 4x scope and sniper rifle play and I can probably become really good but I still get kills regardless, kills that sometimes impress me. Moving moving cars, moving players at a distence where those factors come into play.

I also sometimes find that looting all the players I kill have gotten me killed definitely if they arent in a safe place, so I need to learn not to be greedy, even if the player might have a good gun or might have good meds on them, sometimes it must be best to ignore them even though every single person has that urge to loot them.

I also try and watch streamers to see what they do during the mid game but I honestly need to spend more time paying attention to their midgames.

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