Can we talk about the inventory system?

I've been enjoying my time with Horizon, but the inventory system is really cramping my style.

JUNK: Why do we have Junk again? I thought the entire genre was moving away from useless item clutter by just giving you the gold/shards/rupees you would get from selling a piece of trash to a vender instead of making you deal with the item in the first place. Instead, this game doubles down on items that have no other purpose that what even the Dev lists as "Selling for metal shards". Do you have a separate list of trash to sell? No. Is the junk mixed in with useful resources? Yes. Does the trash have item levels like normal resources? Yes. Does the trash have a unique icon? No. Is there only one type of trash? No. Can you find your trash by color? No.

It's literally the worst possible way to handle junk. It gets in your way and makes the inventory worse than if it was never there in the first place. The 'lore' it provides knowing that the silver bracelet you picked up is actually a watch is not worth the bullshit of that item being colored like other items, in the same list, and with no way to sort the list.

SORTING: Why can I sort the store screen (in a completely unknown sorting fashion when clicking that option) but not my own inventory? Why is my inventory listed completely arbitrarily? As far as I can tell, it is organized in Descending order by the item you first picked up and then it groups identical items in stacks together. The result is that everytime you need to know if you have an item, you have to either memorize the particular icon for it (which is hard because all similar items have similar icons) or manually check item descriptions.


  • Buying items is tedious (try buying more than 5 wire at a time)
  • No way to tag the item or monsters you need to kill for the item used to purchase a new weapon or armor
  • over-general resources tab, over-specific ammo tab
  • “boxes” won’t empty if you’re full on an item. Must throw those 3 rocks before that box can be emptied to free up “box” inventory space.

TL;DR: IMO, the inventory of this game went backwards in terms of functionality than almost every other AAA title in the last 5-6 years.

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