Can we talk about Data Points?

I've done some googling and I've browsed the hot topics on this sub. I've found very little discussion about the data points, but even less discussion that is negative. Considering how large a part of Horizon the text and audio logs are, I would have thought they'd be more of a topic.

There are certain areas in the game that have a lot of reading text and listening to logs. The decision to have the gamer unpack so much story and lore from just reading and listening creates a lot of idle time. Maybe some of you walk around while listening, and that's fine– I did too. But sometimes another interaction is triggered by walking around, and the logs play over top of whatever conversation Aloy is having. So I stopped walking around. And here we have my issue with the huge lore/story dumps. It's a damn chore.

I just played through a main story portion of the game that dropped about 20-30 audio logs and 20-30 text logs on me. After 30 minutes or so, I was feeling a little anxious to move on, or at least move around a bit. This story should be foundation of this game, because it's REALLY interesting. Cramming this much lore into these info dumps hurts the pacing for me (quite a bit), and I have to imagine this is content the gamer should be investing time in. It's just not how I want to invest MY time. It's harder to consume that way and I can't help but resent those sections of the game.

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