Can we talk about base building, or how bad it is?

Hi there, I've been playing for a while now and I've been trying to avoid talking about anything till I've had enough time to work with it.

I am now 48 hours in and I decided that I like the way the game is going apart from the building system.

I'm sure most can agree but the building system in this game is not suited at all, it takes pieces from other games but doesn't do it self any favours with them.

First, the way to place blocks is just a nightmare, they need rotating because they wont place, if you misplace or the game decides to bug out you have to scrap and rebuild. Not to mention if you want to replace a bottom block or remove it the whole stack blows up.

Second, creative building design is really difficult as you are limited to a few shapes, I've seem some very talented people making some incredible structures but I can't imagine how long it took them to build them.

Third, resources and items, which yes numbers can be altered easily but that isn't my real gripe, the idea of having to place valuable resources down without knowing for sure if you may have to redesign it all because of a small hiccup is just a pain. For example the gates and vaults are 4 blocks high, but if you want to build with the correctly you need to be maybe 5 stories high. Items however I'm a bit annoyed that the number of feats limit what you can make, yes I can skip out on some things but having to rely on a clan mate to be online just to finish a build sucks.

I'm not a person without solutions so here is my ideas on how to make life better and tolerable for the ones of us who want to make things that aren't square blocks. (I mean this is the world of Conan, not much was square there).

Firstly scrap the currently build system, it's not user friendly and it's not on par with the creativity that you would get from a lesser game such as minecraft.

Secondly rework it to be a blueprint style system, which you have to imagine but rather than placing each block/item and the client and server having to debate things, you can place things freely so long as their collision isn't overlapped too much, have blocks/walls linked by partial nodes and not the side or vertices. I would even suggest letting users be able to draw long lines of slightly curved walls.

Third have a block or object similar to the current block claim system that allow you to put in the resources that are required for what you have outlined. This means no guessing or over/underestimating what you need.

The benefit of this system would be a lot more creativity, and also players could make a blueprint on single player that they like then import it to multiplayer and place it down. This also means that wonderful base you made on your favourite server, before you got raided, you can make it again quickly and painlessly, without having to deal with placing all the objected exactly in the right place and getting the walls to cooperate with you.

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