Can we have a serious discussion about Peacekeeper’s light attacks?

I played PK for quite a while during both betas, but I only first saw this cancer that is PK close range light attack spam more often after launch. I feel like the word "spam" is thrown around a lot here, but if it suits anything then it's this. If mashing the RB (or R1) button and randomly rotating your right stick isn't spam then please tell me what is.

I think PK is perfectly balanced. Her bleed is fine (without the bug), and the rest of her moveset is fine. But her light attacks… When you start flinging them from every direction there is almost no time at all to react they're so fast, and they connect faster than most heroes can switch their stance to block, you almost have to guess which direction the next one will come from.

These light attacks are broken in their current state, like I said I played PK, and when I saw how easy it was to kill people who were clearly waaaay better than me all-round as a player, it felt dirty, the move was winning my matches, not me.

This can be easily fixed. The berserker has an infinite chain, the conqueror does as well, the PK is not meant to have an infinite chain, which is pretty much what her light attacks are as they have the same kind of speed.

Either slow her light attacks down, or make it so that she cannot chain more that 3 lights back to back, have there be a slight delay before she can start another series of lights.

It isn't fun to fight against, it takes zero skill to pull off, and it rewards way too much for too little effort… Something needs to be done.

Sorry for my obvious high levels of sodium, but I just had to fight like 4 of these PKs back to back and I need to know I'm not crazy, this needs to change.

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