Can we have a megathread for server admin abuse?

I just feel like, especially over the last couple days there has been an influx of "stay away from xyz server" threads and instead of cluttering up the subreddit, why don't we keep them all in one place?

This would also make it a lot easier for people to search. They could just come into the thread and ctrl+F the server they are about to play on and read about any complaints people have made.


It seems my intentions weren't interpreted fully. What I mean is these posts are cluttering the subreddit and I would like to clean it up. Not the intention of continuing/encouraging the bashing servers without proof. I figured a megathread would solve this and give a place to post proof and let people take it for what its worth. The posts are apparently going to be upvoted to the front page regardless it seems, as the past indicates. I would like to stop that. So whether we ban posts like that or confine them to a megathread. I just don't want to see them everyday.

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