Can we get alternatives for items which have been boring build staples since forever?

So, in Season 4 they changed Shield of Regrowth to get 20% CDR, and i thought that was a great idea. For once Warriors (the class i most play in my main role) had an item which was an alternative to BoV, even if removing the Physical Power from it was really dumb. It added a little bit more choice (something the game really needs right now) to their build, where you could choose less tankyness for the passive and still get that much needed CDR early game. The problem with that change is that it also gave gods like Chang'e an amazing item with health, sustain and the passive for mobility, which was kinda broken.

Next patch that item is getting rightfully nerfed, and gods like Hercules will be back to the same old boring Bov/Jotunn's monopoly. After thinking a bit about that i noticed that that doesn't happen only with Warriors and that they may actually be one of the classes where item monopolies happen the least. With junglers for example, a big majority of them just mindlessly get Jotunn's Wrath after boots, and if they don't they get it after Hydra's because the god they're playing uses basics to a certain extent (instead of it being something based on the situation or your playstyle). Even supports which are supposedly the class that needs to pay attention to their builds the most just gets the two aura items half of the time.

So, i'm here to ask Hirez, can we get more item choices that are playstyle or situation based? Can we get another offensive physical CDR item(Hydra's fit the bill for a while but it was nerfed for some reason)? Can we get another alternative to BoV? Can we get more aura items (like Gauntlet of Thebes) and make it so you actually have to think and evaluate the situation thoroughly to buy something instead of just asking if there are more physicals or magicals in the enemy team? Items like the aforementioned Gauntlet of Thebes, or Gladiator's Shield were great starts, but nerfing items after they shift the meta like you did with Hydra's and now SoR isn't helping.

Sorry if this came off as a really ranty post, but that's kinda what it is.

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