Can we do things right this time around?

All the people who'll be making posts this weekend.

People who:

  • Don't like third person shooters
  • Whose last favorite game was Age of the Empires
  • Didn't get what they wanted for Christmas
  • Want the real world simulated in a video game so they don't have to go outside anymore
  • Want Arma but with a Ghost Recon title
  • Wait for others complaints, then repeat it 100 times in every post as if it's an original thought
  • Didn't like the Division, saw this game that kinda looks like the Division in a different world, knows it's from the same studio, but decides to play it hoping it's not like Division
  • Equates any third person shooter as a copy (because every game out there is so unique and is not inspired by anything else)
  • Don't like vehicles, sees vehicles in the game, and will play the game trying to walk everywhere and complain about how long it takes to get from mission to mission.
  • Didn't play the game and wants everyone to know
  • Doesn't like the game, and is subscribed to their twitter, youtube channel, subreddit, instagram, facebook, email, snapchat and linkedIn all with push notifications.

Could we actually do it right this time? Can we actually just have constructive feedback in this sub and not the people who take this game as a personal attack against their family? Can the ppl who like this game see that everyone won't be satisfied? Let's try and do this right this time.

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