Can this be a thing: official PVP servers with offline raiding disabled?

There has to be a decent amount of people out there who want this. My friends and I can't be the only ones.

I like PvP (you know, actually fighting against real people). I also like the idea of raiding/getting raided by other players and potentially gaining/losing loot. What I don't like, and don't consider to be an enjoyable or interesting mechanic from either perspective, is offline raiding. I don't even view it as a PvP mechanic. There is no player versus player interaction taking place. It's PvE in the purest sense of the term. You are waiting for someone to go offline so you can have a low/no-risk fight versus structures and perhaps AI thralls.

If you're worried about players combat logging in order to prevent getting raided, there is a way to prevent that. Simply make it so structures don't become invulnerable immediately after everyone in a clan goes offline. Make it take a certain period of time. For instance, the structure invulnerability only is initiated after everyone in a clan has been offline for 15 minutes, or 30 minutes, or an hour…I'm not sure exactly what the perfect amount of time is.

If you like offline raiding, random reader, that's fine. Continue playing on the multitude of offline raiding-friendly servers you have available to you and will continue to have available to you. I'm not suggesting those be taken away or changed. All I'm asking for is a few official PVP servers which have this mechanic disabled. So please don't downvote this simply because this type of server doesn't interest you. I'm fine with you keeping your offline raiding-friendly severs (even keeping those as the majority server type). Just let us have a few of this type.

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