Can someone shed light on a WoW mystery that has been haunting me for 8 years?

About 8 years ago during WotLK, I did a lot of World PvP in Ironforge and the Deeprun Tram. As Horde, the fastest way to get there was by having the Goblin Transponder item that let us teleport from Stranglethorn Vale to inside of Gnomeregan. I then turned a few corners and hopped onto the Gnomeregan elevator which goes directly upwards and allows you into Dun Morogh.

One day I did just that, only at some point when I was on the elevator, I disconnected. I can't remember if it happened as I hopped on, or as I was walking off, or if it was in the middle of the trip, but it disconnected me.

I logged back in expecting to be where I was, but instead of being in Gnomeregan, I was all the way across the Great Sea in the middle of Feralas. And not just in the middle of Feralas, but high up in the canopy. But that wasn't even the weirdest part. The strangest part was the fact that THE GNOMEREGAN ELEVATOR CAME WITH ME. And apparently that little gnome in the back.

I didn't understand then how this happened, and I still don't now. I've heard of transportation vehicles such as the Gadgetzan and Booty Bay boats having strange mechanics built into them back then that took them on weird paths all over their continent during the loading screen, and I've heard of getting teleported to your faction's default graveyard (Barrens, Westfall) when things glitch out and you get stuck somewhere, but an elevator in Gnomeregan isn't the same as a ship or zeppelin and doesn't even cause a loading screen. What in the world could have made the game send me to Feralas after disconnecting, and why did the elevator come with me? If memory serves I was even able to walk around on top of the elevator platform once it was in Feralas.

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