Can I just say, you LB’s scare the sh*t out of me.

Switched to Zerker over a week ago. New main. Left that cancerous PK. Even so, I’ve always feared the Lawbringer.

I’m just mind blown by this though. Lawbringer is a “6/6 Pillar of Justice” as others have called him on this sub yet he is so freaking weak and desperately needs a buff.


For some reason, my eyes widen and I tense up when I come across one: “Okay, it’s just a slow LB. Just a weak, outclassed, buff needing LB. He can’t hurt you. CGB, GB, dodge, parry, attack, attack, attack. You are the berserker! Just hassle and LET IT RIP on this piece of crap. He can’t stop you. You’ll be fine. If You can handle PK’s conqs and warlords you can definitely handle this guy. You’ll be fine” I tell myself. And then….


And fear strikes me.

I turn into a paralyzed one stance blocking, rag-doll getting shoved and thrown in every direction. Being pummeled and flipped like a pancake by the most versatile weapon in all of existence. Forgetting all knowledge of how to parry or dodge, or CGB, or apparently even how to run away!

So i don’t know what the point of this post is but LB’s. You shouldn’t scare me, but you do. Mentally, physically, you just intimidate me.

Congrats on being an awesome, hilarious, amazing spam emote, somehow intimidating class.

TL;DR: This guy scares me for some reason -gif

TL;DR2: Daubeny don’t show yourself. You’ll be sorry.


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