Can anybody help me out dispersing skills for a Spear/Dual Sword Build?

First of all, thank you for reading. I got this game 3 days ago coming from bloodborne. I've done some reading on a spear/dual sword build and found I need Body and Skill and based on the upgrades from these I should be using rifles, which I am doing. I haven't beaten the first boss yet and am lvl 19. My goal build is to have enough Ki to use High Stance Spear without running out after 2-3 swings. Not gonna be using the dual swords too much since I really enjoy the spear but I don't want it to be useless. Also, I know using light armor will make it easier for me to achieve good Ki with high stance so I'd like to be most proficient in light or medium (how can I tell which armor is light/medium/heavy?) I don't plan on being proficient in Heavy Armor because of the Ki cost (that's strength right?)

So with this, what should my leveling tree look like? Here is where I'm at right now. Body 18 Heart 6 Stamina 7 Strength 5 Skill 10 Dexterity 5 Magic 5 Spirit 5

Please, if you don't have any advice or something that pertains to this don't comment. And thank you to all that take the time to help out with this.

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