Can Aeonaxx be obtained through Personal Loot?

Two nights ago I was farming the Time-Lost Proto Drake under the impression that Personal loot would give everyone in my party (So long as they're close enough) the mount. As a matter of fact he spawned, and we all did get the mount ( Not the best image but it's proof enough). Now I am in Deepholm but I wanted to be certain over the matter if Aeonaxx worked the same or not. Nobody can "tag" Aeonaxx beyond the person who hops on his back. As well, i've heard that you get "phased" when you're on top of him. If the phasing thing is true I feel it is true that personal loot will not work. Also, if anyone knows the spawn-timer that he shares with the Blood Seeker I'd like to hear it 🙂 People have said in the past TLPD is on a 6-22 hour spawn timer, same with Aeonaxx but it did not seem true for me the other day. Vyragosa would never spawn after one died previously for at least four hours and then there was another four hour window where either vyragosa would spawn again, or the time-lost proto drake would. (This info is taken from 3 days of personal experience and a few kills by my group in the imgur above)

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