Camping Omi Bozu

As this boss is a nightmare for a lot of people, I coop this mission a lot (Im level 200 fanatic build dual sword, mission is level 38). The summoner usually has the way to the boss "cleared" (meaning he was waiting for quite some time), so my guardian spirit is not charged. Picture the host waiting for 20 minutes and maybe 2-3 attemps already down the drain (instant-kill by laser beam).

The first part of the fight consist of me getting rid of the eventual blobs and using extraction to load the guardian, or letting myself being hit so I can reach critical status and Suzuka starts autoloading. Pretty sure the host think Im not good at game seeing how often I get hit …

Because of this the first part of the fight is "fair" – that means I do a bit more damage than the host but not much more (due to the scaling down and my attributes all being "while critical"). The host need to do his bit here (sometime they even manage to avoid the laser beam). Here people use what they have, earth weapons, hammers, the lot.

Things change when Suzuka is ready to kick in. As soon as he switch sides (after we did maybe 15% damage) I use carnage, activate Suzuka as soon he pops his head out, and then 4 seconds of glorious flames and health bar of the boss melting like snow in the sun. Usually when he has like 10% left he jumps in the middle, 1 heavy hit and he is out. Host jumping and bowing mission accomplished.

But my mission here was not just to melt the boss for him. It was to show him "look – you will be powerful as I am soon. Dont give up, dont despair if you lost 5000 amrita – soon even 5 Millions amrita will be pocket change to you". I picture the host going "oh no another long fight and Im down to 2 elixirs" and then suddendly "wtf ?".

So instead of grinding another 10 mio amrita for 1 level, start cooping the early missions – bat girl, Omi, Nue (if you fancy the long stage) – I consider those 3 the "wall" bosses. You may convince a new user that this game is worth to be played to the end.

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