Came back after 1 month away. – My random thoughts after 1 week back.

Background – Played few hundred hours pre server wipe (due to dupes which is when i left). Several servers several 50's. officials and unofficials.

Ive been back playing for 7 days on an official server.

The community thats left seems to be either extremely cancerous exploiters. OR. More pve focused groups that have prevailed vs the local exploiters. PVP, when clans that are warring dont set ground rules and the conflict escalates, turns into nothing short of Yog farm racing.

My past 7 days – Have consisted of my starter base being raided and leveled (mostly t1 trash as this was Day 2 back) Which in turn spurned me to yog farm. Yogged the clan who destroyed base twice.(day 5-6 back to back yog) They in turn grabbed an ally clan of theirs and all came and yogged me. Basically becomming a yog farm race.
We have since settled on war without god spamming eachother. (our leaders hashed out the ground rules) Which is a good end result IMO.

If exploiters and cheaters showed up on the server again then im fairly confident every clan would stop warring and take them ( at least on our server)

Some positive stuff ive noticed, since the wipe, everything seems to be spawning properly which is very satisfying. And alot of fun. The new weapons are fun. New armor is fun. Im happy about the dye system.

Stuff still in need of fix – How do we raid bases on cliffs. Bombs are expensive and inefficient compared to godding, so how can true warring clans do anything but yog farm when trying to stomp eachother. Any other activity is literally a waste of time. Yog Racing is all it is. Waste of time to use a trebuchet ( even though they are cool AF)

Personally i was just yogging to hurt them not even to get there loot. With no way up onto some of these areas even after u god them, kinda boring.

Anyways whether devs read this or not. Server populations at all time low. Find a way to merge some servers or just delete them. or highlight more populated servers and put old servers to "sleep" to try to steer the leftover population. Dont let this game fizzle and die. Its got too much potential. Just start actually hammering repeat exploiters/cheaters with suspensions and bans so legit players like us wanna hang around. DONT BECOME ARK

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