Call for community help, Please

Hey. Some of you may remember me from making those miniature weapons for the giveaway a couple of weeks ago. I've tried to be an active part of the community since this game came out.

Unfortunately, I cannot play the game at the moment. I live in Pittsburgh, and I rented a room as a Pitt student at an athletic club that used to be very prestigious. Years of embezzlement later, and they were unable to pay the water bills, electricity bills, and gas bills. One at a time the utilities went off, right before finals week, and eventually the Health Department said we had to leave. Here is a ( the Pittsburgh Post Gazette (our biggest newspaper) wrote about it. I'm the guy in the image with the red beard, carrying the desk that you can see in my miniature weapon posts. Also, there is a video of my somewhere in article.

When the power went out, it fried the power supply to my Xbox. The unit will still turn on, but the box part of it starts overheating and eventually it will smoke if left on for more than a half hour or so. Also, when moving out, my controller (by my own negligence, it was dark :/ ) got put with my toiletries. I think shampoo got in it, and probably water. I tried drying it in a bag of rice, but my X button, RT, Start and Select do not work anymore, and occasionally my right stick goes on the fritz because my character will look up and to the left in circles.

This has been a very stressful time for me, especially when I am a graduating senior. I want to play For Honor to help chill out every once in awhile, but it's just not possible right now. I know Reddit is no place for self-promotion, but I got HideoshiKazi's approval to write this. If anyone can spare just a couple dollars to help contribute to a used power supply for $59.99, or a wired controller at the cheapest price, I'd sincerely appreciate it.

If you cannot offer me anything, could you give me an upvote to give this just enough attention to help me get back into the game?

Thank you guys, sincerely.


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