Bungie, I just want to say thank you, for everything.

I've been playing since month one. I've gone through over 40 characters. I've struggled through every raid on release. I simply want to say thank you for how committed you've been to keep this game afloat. I first saw Destiny back at E3 2014 and said "Maybe I'll pick it up. Magic and guns don't seem to mix." I bought Destiny around a week or 2 post launch, and the more and more I played, the more enjoyment I had. I've been playing with basically the same raid guild/group for 3 years now. I remember staying up until 4am every night to do Crota and VOG at reset post Dark Below. Another game I've also been invested in since Destiny's launch that you may have heard of is The Division. Today, while you guys at Bungie confirmed you'd be making our daydreams a reality with all the raids and gear coming back, Massive (The developers of the game) basically said they won't be supporting the game long term anymore. Today is the one year anniversary of The Division, a day that was supposed to be about what we've been through, and what's to come in the future. But instead, the community got a "We tried, Year 2 will be almost nothing, thanks for playing." My point is, Bungie. That you dared to do what no one else would. You combined sci-fi, fantasy, and real-world elements to your game. You dared to break up the norms of RPGs by combining first person shooter, action adventure, and sandbox elements to the game when no one thought it would work.

You dared to Be Brave.

I look forward to the new worlds you'll create for us this fall. ~Primes—

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