Build – The Blinking Red Demon – Never die again

While it not the first build like that, its definitely a fun one.

TL:DR – Its a MinMax of Red Demon armor for survivability and damage while maintaining Agility A. Video explanation instead at end of the post.

This is my take on the "low health/Infinite Living Weapon" build.

Here, to see the build in action

Its main strength over the other similar builds is the low weight resulting in faster movement, the damage is similar to other critical health builds when the enemy is on fire, and its semi-infinite survivability..



Guardian Spirit and Clan

  • Suzaku, Date



  • Hikoemon Ichimonji
    • Akaoni-no-Sankaku Spear or Onikiba Kusarigama with Fire

For max damage and LW usage, your weapon should have Close Combat Damage (Critical) + Change to Attack + Close Combat Attack Ki Usage + Close Combat Ki Usage (Critical). Less Ki Usage makes you be able to spam attacks more during Living Weapon.


Ranged Weapons

  • Cannon with Fire Damage + Agility Damage Bonus A
    • Ravenwing Rifle with bullseye healing to combo with its set bonus

Cannon has to be equipped as active gun. It works as a 15% Damage up + extra fire damage for your main weapon while active.



  • Onmyo Cast Speed head piece , Ogress Mask or Kodama Bowl
  • 3 Pieces of Red Demon set
    • If you chose Akaoni Spear, you will need a Head of Iga piece. If you chose the Onikiba Kusarigama you will then need another Red Demon piece

For armor Inheritable/roll, the best choices are Attack and/or Unlimited Onmyo (my choice).



  • Yasakani Magatama , with "Amrita Earned (Using Living Weapon)" if you are doing ILW.
    • Another accessory/Magatama with "Amrita Earned (Using Living Weapon)" if you are doing ILW.

Traits you want in your Magatamas are anything damage related and Living Weapon related. If your are going for less cheese with just red Health, focus on Received Damage From Attack (Critical) and Special Effects (Critical).



Most passives are of use, main ones are bold

  • Sword: Indomitable Spirit III + Relentless III

  • Dual Swords: Tachi Arts III , Defense Arts III

  • Spear: Cornered Tiger III + First Rule of Thrusting III

  • Axe: Fortitude III + Cornered Boar III

  • Kusarigama: Armor Piercer III + Shadow Strike III

  • Ninja: Quick-change I,II,III , Tiger-running I,II,III + Cloudrunner III , Snakebite Technique III , Enlightenment

  • Onmyo: Steel Talisman I,II,III + Protection Talisman I,II,III , Carnage Talisman I,II,III , Guardian Spirit Talisman II,III , Inanimate Enchantment III , Incantation Mastery III , Amplification

As you can see, most passives are of use, main ones are bold tho.



You will need 18 Ninjutsu Capacity and 39 Magic Capacity. (note that on skills you are not equipping "Guardian Spirit Talisman I", only the II and II as 6 uses of it is plenty. Other option is sacrifice "Steel Talisman I" instead). So level Dexterity and Magic until you get enuff.

Remember to get the stats to equip your armor with effects and keep the Agility at A/30% or less, because that Agility is mobility and dropping agility to B would cost about 5% damage from the Cannon's agility damage bonus. All other stats and skill points should be used on whatever you want/benefits your weapon.


How do you use the build

First, don't have ANY healing on your build besides the ranged healing on headshots.

Weapon choices you can .


You wanna use a Quick Change when you start the level and find an enemy to beat you up so you can safely drop down to 30% health. When Quick Change revives you, you revive with 30% hp, so its really easy.
Now you are the Blinking Red Demon, your Suzaku and health will be like red xmas lights. Your super will be recharging automatically, your damage will be very high.


To stay safe on low health, damage reduction when critical helps a lot, but the real trick is you can use Protection Talisman to make a damage barrier, its like you healed but you didn't, temporary health. If you find a hard enemy, toss a Guardian Talisman on its face for the almost instantaneous burn giving you a massive damage up.

Remember Quick-change + Enlightenment is your instant Oh-shit button.

Your super is now ready, you used one of your Quick Change Scrolls… well, next death you get you will revive with Suzaku, and when LW is over the 2 set piece of Head of Iga will refill back your scroll of Quick Change! That means infinite cycle as long you don't die a lot and give time for your super to recharge using your critical health, and as bonus you recover any Tiger Running you use too (use those during living weapon to make easier to reach the next victims).


After you revive with Suzaku your health will be at 1 HP, to create a buffer and not over heal, you can use the ranged headshot healing from Yatagarasu 2 piece, one or two pops and you are healed but still on red health.


Besides that, its about buffing yourself and burning enemies. Unlimited Onmyo lets you spam all that juicy Carnage, Steel and Protection party you got going on. Steel is very useful, use it right after Carnage and check out the defense down become a defense up.


If you find something difficult to kill, just play defensive contra-attacking with the extra damage and stats you get at critical health, while safe behind your Protection and Quick Change, and then at some point you will have your super and you can just destroy the the thing if its still alive.


The Infinite Living Weapon part of the build, is just like any other build that does that, its pretty much grab right items, use super when low health and kill stuff fast enuff, don't forget to use Triangle + Circle attack, it does a lot of damage and its instant burn on most enemies activating your damage buff.

If you use this build to farm, don't forget to roll Amrita on every single piece and use a Kodama Bowl + Kodama Blessing.


The build very easy to do (Red Demon drops like candy) and you can start using a "worse" version of it without Yasakani right after you get Suzaku (story mission Immortal Flame in Sekigahara/5th Region). If this is your case, just equip Akaoni + 4 pieces Red Demon and Hikoemon + 1 piece Fanatic.


Finally, I made a sorta in-depth video explanation if thats your thing, its my first video so it was bad lol, but it explains all the mechanics and things used to get the most of the build. If you somehow still dont know how to do Infinite Living Weapon or Critical Health Build, it will help you explaining every lil thing that goes into it.

I put a lot of effort on this so i hope it helps someone. English isn't my main language, I hope this post isn't a mess of mistakes. Discussion/questions/feedback all welcome.

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