Build discussion – mostly heavy armour?

We have had a topics about builds, but most of them were light or medium/light armour mix. So I would like to start one discussion about other options, namely heavy armour build. I have seen Axe Juggernaut build and I wanted to post my build. This is Spear build with free second slot weapon.

At this moment I'm at level 240, but I have been using this build since the start of the game, slowly adding new parts to it. It gets better with time, as you can add ninjutsu and more onmyo magic, but for starters you will need 20 Stamina and 17 Strength to use your armour effects and not go over 100% weight with it. You will also need 10 Spirit at least to fully unlock Kato powers (Kato is amazing spirit for this build – it gives you Ki, Ki regen and damage, all you will ever need 😉 ). Then you shall put some points in Magic in order to get healing talismans (and if you want, sloth). 29 points allow you to prepare 6 oasis, 6 regen and 6 sloth talismans (if you want/need them) if you put max points in increased amount of preparation slots too. Few points in Ninjutsu will also allow you to get and prepare Quick-Change Scrolls (which save your life if you really screw up) and Power Pills for nice temporary damage boost. All magic and ninja skills can be used instantly on yourself during combat thanks to mystic arts (tip: you can active them even during some animations or blocking). Then all points go to Body until 99 for life and tons of damage – I will explain form where damage comes in next paragraph.

What I'm doing is wearing 4 pieces of Warrior of the East (Tombo Kiri, Helm, Gloves and Pants) and 2 pieces of Tatenashi (Chest and Boots), which with Yasakani Magatama gives my 5 East bonus (Body scaling B) and tatenashi 3 bonus (Armour weight scaling A). I'm using Warrior of the West Bow and Ravenwing Riffle for 2 pieces set bonus thanks to Yasakani Magatama (this gives a little more damage reduction). I have additionally Body scaling A+ on all my weapons, which makes my Tombo Kiri have tripple scaling from Body for damage (which additionally adds me ton of life when maxed to 99).

Next part of the build is clan – Todo is friggin powerful clan bonus for this build, it gives you 2% damage for every heavy armour piece you wear (or at least that's what game suggest with detailed explanation) and bonus life per stamina point (which is far more than mere 5 points per Stamina for me at this time, I gain 36 life at 240 level for every point I put in Stamina, and even at beginning it was increasing life per Stamina point by at least 7). I have been in this clan since I unlocked teahouse and never looked back.

To round up build I have inherited "Evasion Ki Usage" from boots/pants (I had tons of basic 15,x% (at max familiarity they change to 18,x%) inheritable ones from many Red Demon armor revenants) to all other armour parts. I though it will be multiplicative reduction, but it seems additive – and seem to stack with ninjutsu evasive roll cost reduction. Final effect is that I have around 95% evasion ki reduction form gear, which after adding ninjutsu tree passive seems to make my evasion free (or maybe cost like 1 ki), which with Living Water changes dodges to not only free defence, but also free Ki pulses.

To sum up – spear using heavy armour tank with almost 6k life at 240 level (99 Body and 40 Stamina), free dodges (even with Agility C), not bad damage and healing abilities for additional survivability. You also have free slot for second weapon if you don't want to use Spear, just remember to put Scaling Body A+ on it. I personally like Iga set Kusarigama or Crossed Sickles set katana for second slot for their special set effects.

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