[Build Discussion] Black Hands viability

Hello people! I am here to talk about a item i rarely see anyone using and have close to no content about it: the Black Hands (if it wasn't obvious from the title, now it should be).

For those who are not aware of what the weapon does, it's in the Dagger line and the special ability E stuns the target for 1 second and knock them back with a big punch while dealing a nice amount of damage.

Why use this weapon, you might be asking. Well, for starters it allows so much flexibility: you could burst someone, isolate them from the fight or even send them to your team to pick up an easy kill! Being in Daggers, Sunder Armor(Q) to shred people or Assassin Spirit (at mastery 40) to cheese someone along the various Dagger W's – Throwing Blades, Dash, Forbidden Stab and Infiltration – further expand the possible playstyles.

So, the purpose of this post is to discuss the possible uses for the weapon, given it has so much potential and yet see little usage from the players. Is it hidden OP? Too niche? Too difficult to use efficiently? Or just overall not good enough compared to other weapons that fill a similar role?

Right now i've been using Soldier Helmet (block), Assassin Jacket (ambush) and Knight Boots (shield charge) and it allows me to fill multiple roles depending on the fight we get. Protect our healer, assassinate a priority target or knock their healer back to my team(insec) all the while having the protection (Helm and Boots) and Mobility (W and Boots) to do so without too much trouble. I've also seen Knight Armor with Windwall to consolidade a disrupter role and Robes to assassinate(although BloodLetter is way better to execute people).

(edit: build i'm using <

So, what do you guys think?

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