[BUGs] server crashing and lotus..

I know lotus potions reset recipe's, but i had to take several before the big changes recently in order for it to work. After the big patch, when you raised the recipe up to what 20? thats what wiki says. except my cauldron makes them out of 10 and doesn't work, i've tried 4 potions made out of 10 (i didn't see the 20 needed on wiki till after i logged off to sleep last night XD)

The server crashing, i don't know if this will help but i think it has to do with the amount of people on a server. i've noticed over the last couple of days that the more people on the server beign active (farming/building a lot etc) the less time between crashes.. meaning the server crashes more frequently. On the other hand if there is only a couple of people online, it seems less data for the server to handle and the crashes happen less frequent. sometimes lasting around 2 hours plus.. instead of 20 minutes when server full.

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