[Bugs] [Feedback] The weapons of the Wildlands

Some of you might have already noticed, but the weapons in GRW don't necessarily work how they should work. By that I don't want to say that they feel bad it's just that there are some mistakes that need to be fixed. Therefore I decided to make this list in order to address those problems




  • The Scorpion Evo is missing its reload sounds

  • The MP7s sounds are not in line with the actual rate of fire (the MP7 has a faster rof than the MPX, but the MPXs sound suggests that the MPX has a faster rof, test it out yourself if you don't believe me)

  • Scope alignment issues: The G28 (scope) is not aligned with the G28 (weapon) (tested by myself), the PKS-07 is supposedly not aligned with the Dragunov (SVD) (needs confirmation), the barrel (or muzzle) of the L115 is not aligned correctly

  • The flip sights are, well… I don't even know what to say at this point because there seems to be quite a lot wrong with those. But let's start with what I noticed: The animation is incorrect | while zoomed in the prompt says x1 and while you are zoomed out the prompt says x3 magnification | the reticle is also wrong since it apparently uses the long range reticle as the short range reticle and vice versa (so there is basically just one thing wrong which fucks up everything else)

  • The Mk17 has the wrong model for the 20 round magazine (it uses the model of the 30 round magazine) (thanks to u/Black_Devil213)

  • (I'm not sure if it's a bug, but I'm going to list it as one) When proceeding to do the empty reload of any bolt action sniperrifle, your character then proceeds to load another shot, which is incorrect




  • Reload animations #1: I've noticed (and some others) that the game doesn't have a whole lot of different reload animations. Many weapons use a "rock back" animation while the magazine just needs to be inserted straight (P416, M4A1, MK17, AUG, SR25, G28 and many more). This is bugging me a lot (and also makes me play with almost exclusively AK family weapons)

  • Reload animations #2: Incorrect animation, or the lack of differentiating between reloading when empty and not-empty. Ammo count is wrong when reloading, as in this game does not take into account a round left in chamber when reloading when not-empty. (thanks to u/Storm3ye for writing it down)

  • Reload animations #3: Incorrect bolting of sniperrifles. The HTI (to be exact) has the problem that the bolt doesn't move back enough to be able to chamber another round, the Mosins bolting animation is also incorrect

  • The ballistics are still obnoxious… It doesn't feel like I'm shooting the bullet, it feels like I'm lobbing the bullet. The bullet drop is way too drastic and the muzzle velocity is also way too low.

  • The highest magnification shouldn't be x6, it's just way too low. Either adapting the current sights or adding new ones with, let's say at least x12 magnification, is practically needed for nice long range sniping (maybe even a zeroing function) (increased enemy rendering distance would also be benficial, at least when looking at them with a high magnification scope)


I think that should be it for now, if I forgot anything or find something new, I'm going to add it to this list. If you have anything to report leave a comment (I'm probably going to add it to the list too, it depends on how much time I have).

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