[Bug] The Invisible Man… er, Well Man’s Shadow

There's a pretty amusing, if mostly harmless, visual bug relating to your shadow in first person. I'm running in low graphics settings, so it may be exclusive to these settings.

Basically, switch from third person to first person and note your character does not cast a shadow. I assume that's intentional. Now, equip a weapon – not a torch – and wonder at the mystical shadow projected upon the ground from your trusty tool. Switch gear as you like, each piece will get a shadow while it's equipped. For the most part, the shadows seem to work correctly – other than the fact they're unattached to anything. The trident shadow, however, is particularly amusing.

It's also simple to fix the glitch: simply flip back to 3rd person. You've got your normal shadow back while in third person. Then switch once more to first person, and all traces of your shadow flees. This includes the shadows of your currently equipped gear. Keep in mind, though, that changing gear, even unequipping and reequipping the current gear, restores the disembodied apparition.

Eventually I'll learn some fancier tricks to editing with my phone, but here's my first attempt at some structure.

Steps to reproduce: 1. Start in third person. 2. Switch to first person. 3. Equip a tool or weapon, other than a torch, not currently equipped.

Expected result: The character has no shadow of any kind.

Actual result: Each piece of gear equipped after the switch to first person gains a shadow for the duration it is equipped.

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