Bug report and feedback from my first week of CBT

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I’d like to start off with a little appraisal. This game has been nothing but a joy to play test, and although the performance is poor, it’s been more fun than I could have imagined.


  • Broken doors soak up bullets inconsistently. Especially the paper thin chip and to the left of that seemed to soak a lot of bullets which made little sense.
  • Glitched FP ADS as passenger. In a jeep my ADS glitched and showed me a weird angle of the barrel without the sight appearing at all. Fixed by leaving the car and entering. Might have been provoked by seat switching, but unsure.
  • Cars still making engine sounds when rolling down hill unmanned. I believe it would be turned off without it’s handbrake, and shouldn’t sound like an active car.
  • Can’t shoot people in water. Knocked someoone out and he was completely below the water surface and I was unable to hit him even though i was standing right on top of him. I imagine it’s the same when people swim. ANY part of the body under water is immune to bullets.

Feedback – And suggested improvements

  • Running: I love the animations and the acceleration/deceleration. It makes for more fluid transistions, and didn’t find it to misbehave at any point.
  • Jumping: Jumping while sprinting and properly accelerated is very neat and felt good. But I found it troublesome how you had to be in movement to make a proper jump over objects.
    • I’d suggest a vault mechanic that would skip vault you fast over hip high objectives and pull you slowly up on chest high objectives. Perhaps only active when you stand still in front of an object, so it wont activate if you merely plan to jump.
    • Otherwise it could be a mechanic where from a standstill you’d be able to charge a higher jump by holding space for a very short amount of time (so it wont feel sluggish and unresponsive).
  • Footsteps Imo it’s far too easy to hear footsteps, and you can hear them stomp around in buildings quite far away. This of course gives an incentive to be more sneaky and move slow, however:
    • Even when sneaking (Crouching and walking) You still produce quite a bit of sounds, it seems almost as loud, but futher between footsteps. I’d really like that sort of movement to at least be very silent, if not almost inaudiable. – If someone is outside your building you can’t make a single movement without them following your every step not even seeing you, but solely from the noise you generate.
  • Looting Attachments. I’d love to be able to hold E to automatically equip an attachment to the gun i’m currently holding. It’s a small change, but it can be annoying to loot, then find it in your inventory and then dragging it on the gun.
  • Inventory. Although not used a lot, i’d really enjoy it if the inventory was sorted by type of item. Healing and buffs together, Same for attachments, and ammo at the bottom.
  • Fixed pistol slot. I love the idea that you can’t freely equip 3 rifles, but I find it very limiting that you can only have one pistol equipped.
    • First pistol picked up should always be put in slot 3, but following pistols should be able to go into slot 1 and 2.

I don’t know if this will be read by anyone working with the game, but then it at least promotes discussions, and i’d love to hear your thoughts on my findings and suggestions, and whatever suggestions you guys have.

If nothing else i’ll see you in-game this weekend, Cheers!

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