(BUG) I was invisible to an entire squad [Story Time]

I thought I had become the Battlegrounds version of Jesus Christ. My squad and I landed in the military base (near Mylta) but we were too late. Another squad was there. I ended up hiding on the roof with just a pan while my 3 teammates got eliminated. As they were all spectating me, they peer pressured me into rushing with my pan.

And that's what I did. I ran off the roof just to suddenly teleport into a random room that I should never have been in regardless of the lag we were experiencing and I ended up literally face to face with an enemy. I thought it was over. But he didn't shoot. So I smashed the shit out of him with the pan and got the kill. I went to the stairs. Face to face with another enemy. I smashed him to death without him even realising I was there. I grabbed his pistol and ended up headshotting the last two enemies without them realising I was there.

I then self-proclaimed I was the new Jesus Christ and decided to test if I was invisible to the rest of the server. I rushed into the fray with my pan while muttering a poem I heard a few years ago in the movie The Grey.

Once more into the fray,

into the last good fight I'll ever know,

live and die on this day,

live and die on this day.

It turns out I wasn't invisible to the rest of the server, just the squad I wiped. I then died and lost the game for my team.


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