Bug: How to Not Lose Loot on Death

Holding E immediately after death when looking toward your body (you can "scroll out" to enter third person although the view doesn't change) and select "Loot All" on your own corpse before being teleported back to spawn. You will spawn with all loot in your inventory and whoever killed you won't be able to get any of your loot. Occasionally it doesn't work under unknown circumstances but I've been able to get this to work almost 90% of the time. Basically a free teleport!

Edit: Yeah, this is something that needs to be fixed quick, I can submit it through their bug reporting tool and it can get lost in their database since there is no inherent priority placed on submitted bugs, or I can tell everyone how to do it so it becomes rampant for a day or two before its fixed due to attention. Alternatively I could have continued to use it without saying anything!

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