Bug – Can’t Destroy stuff.

OK, we have been trying for a week now to destroy these little sandstone houses built by a clan that left the server. They still stand…and it's getting annoying.

PVE/RP Server PVP option grayed out Can Damage Player Owned Structures – checked Time Restrict PVP Building Damange – unchecked Building Radial Destruction Force Multiplier – 500 Building Damange Multiplier – 1.0 Disable Building Abandonment – unchecked Building Decay Time Multiplier – 0.2

We had cranked the ruins system timer up to 5.3 or something like that, but I think that was the wrong direction to achieve our goal, so I changed it to 0.2. However, getting tired of waiting, so today I built a trebuchet with intent to just destroy them manually rather than wait for the Ruins system. Sandstone buildings. I hit them with the Boulders and it didn't seem to damage them at all. So I spawned some demon-fire barrages and hit it with that. The BED inside….is still standing, despite watching the demon-fire spread over the walls and do absolutely no damage. Am I doing something wrong? Is it because it's PVE? I even ran the repair hammer over the build and it shows no damage taken at all.

Side Note: I was unable to repair my trebuchet with the hammer despite having all the needed mats in my inventory. I swing the hammer and it never "hits" the treb to repair it. Just keeps whiffing through the arm. Also, the hammer says Decay Disabled when I aim it at the Treb, but it should give a timer right? Since we do not have the Ruins disabled?

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