BUG: Blacksmith’s Forge – “stalls” and mats disappear.

TL;DR: Crafting stations are bugged – mats are being lost and crafting queues are stalling at weird times.

I'm on a server w/ a 4 hour scheduled restart. Last night right after said restart, I logged in and set my blacksmith's forge (with a thrall attached) to make 250 steel reinforcements. All mats were in the forge, and I waited to make sure that it was crafting (it was). I logged off for the night, expecting to log back in in the morning to a pile of refined mats – I know that crafting has issues when the servers restart (more on that below), but 4 hours should have been time enough to make most, if not all, of that queue, even granted how slow the crafting of steel reinforcements is.

Here's what happened instead though: when I logged back in and checked the forge, there were only about 30 reinforcements inside (which would be frustrating enough from a time perspective) but worse all the left-over steel was gone!!! I had a thrall attached that let me craft reinforcements 1:1 (1 per steel bar) so where did the other 220 steel bars go?


I've noticed since launch that anything with an on/off switch resets on server start, and that if a crafting queue is in-progress at this time that the forge specifically (a station w/o an on/off button remember) will usually "stall" mid-craft on reset and must be Cleared and re-started, so maybe this has something to do with the problem?

Needless to say, that's frustrating given the amount of refining that has to happen to make that much steel. Devs, I know you have a lot on your plates, but given the central nature of crafting in this game plus the high time investment in Tier 3 mats PLEASE take a look at this. Thanks!

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