Bought this game on a whim last night…I want to share my experience and ask a question

Wow. Probably the best spontaneous purchase I've ever made.

First off, I got the Steelbook Edition for the normal price. It's absolutely gorgeous. The cover art is amazing.

The Soundtrack and the Combat in the game are great. I spent hours last night dashing around, beating up robots and jumping off high ledges with my floaty robot.

2B looks absolutely beautiful. I love her outfit and her whole design. She looks badass with those two giant swords on her back.

The menu design is so damn cool. The 3D map is awesome. I was surprised to see the "Dark Souls" death mechanic and the fact that you can help and even "revive" other players. I didn't expect this game to have online components.

All in all, this game is fucking spectacular all around. I love that japanese games don't try to be realistic, they are just over the top and fantastical, but they are very beautiful and fun to play.

One question that's been on my mind was – will there be any DLC? Also, will there be any PVP component maybe? I can imagine that being fun, maybe even with a leadership board or something? Just a thought…Anything known on that?

Thanks for reading 🙂

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