Bog’s Decay Tool V1.0

This is a complete decay script. It adds a timestamp to the character table and a trigger to update that timestamp upon many condition: death, guild rank change, guild change, level change, lastTimeOnline field update. The lastTimeOnline field was just added by Funcom but I do not think it's working yet. The script will accomodate it as soon as it does, but all other conditions are certainly working. If one of these items are not changed within the last 5 days from the time the script is run after the timestamp has been implemented, the player and all of their items and built structures will be gone. If the player is part of a guild, only one member needs to satisfy one of these conditions for the entire guild to be safe from deletion. If an entire guild does not satisfy one of the conditions within the 5 day time, all of the players, guilds, player's items, guild's items, players strictires amd guilds structures will be delted. I've been running this on the server and it's working flawlessly and not causing any crashes. The link contains all the github scripts I use on our #3 ranked A15 conan server. They have been verified and are used in production unless noted otherwise. Here are the file's you'll find in the repository:

  • Bog Decay Tool V1.0
  • Conan Tools – Contains all the other scripts I use for the server including what I used to delete everything from banned players or guilds before the decay time is up, exports for player info, name changes, etc…
  • BOG_DB_maintenance.bat – an example of how to run these queries from a batch file
  • Readme files – contains instructions

Here is the github link: Bog's Conan Tools

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