Blown away by this amazing game, a few friendly critiques/suggestions.

  1. It might be server quality at this point but picking up items and opening doors could definitely feel more fluid/faster. I'm getting used to it but early game I'm in a rush and want to be able to pick up items faster.

  2. Identifying items on ground, they don't stick out much so I miss stuff. Not a big deal, can totally get used to this and I'm not sure if it's intentional or not.

  3. Movements can feel a bit clunky but with most games that seems to be optimized slowly over time so not a real worry.

  4. Where am I being shot from? Yeah, I'm not the best player so this could be a get gud issue. I always liked the arrows that tell you where you are being shot from but I know some people don't so maybe just making sounds more accurate would help?

  5. Cover for late game in the open fields/hills. I think there should be more cover because of scopes in this game. They are so accurate and the hit registration is so good that you are a sitting duck end game if the circle forces you from cover and someone knows where you are.

There are probably a couple small quality of life things I'm forgetting but these seem to be the ones most pressing for me right now. I am just so impressed with how short a time and how much progress these guys have made. If they continue their speed and accuracy of patching and iterating this could be one hell of a ride for battle royale fans.

With Doc and Summit both enjoying this game very much, it is now a sure thing this game will take off. Being number one on twitch, even briefly, is an AMAZING accomplishment. Congratulations to playerunknown and the whole team at Bluehole, and Thank you!

March 23rd can't come soon enough

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