Bloody Grave “Matchmaking” Mechanics – How does the game decide who can see whose grave?

I was wondering if anybody has any details about bloody grave "matchmaking" (so to speak) that they could share, e.g. what criteria does the game use to decide whether one character can see another's grave?

For instance, I have 3 different PSN accounts, and I started new save files & characters on all 3 accounts so I could do some testing.

  • Account A = Level 750 character, completely beaten Way of the Strong (NG+)
  • Account B = Level 50 character, at the beginning of Region 4 on NG (Way of the Samurai)
  • Account C = Level 10 character, only beaten Isle of Demons so far

What I know from personal experience and testing is that Accounts B & C cannot see Account A's grave, and Account C cannot see Account B's grave either.

Account B can see Account C's grave.

Account A can see both Account B & C's graves.

I then did some further testing by using a Book of Reincarnation and staying at Level 1 on Account B, but Account C still could not see the grave.

So I don't believe it's a strictly character level differential. I have 4 possibilities in mind right now that I'm not sure which one it might be:

1) Equipment level differential: my Account B character had a level 68 Raikiri equipped (and no armor), so maybe the problem was just that the equipment was too high of a level for this revenant to show up for my level 10 character?

2) Lifetime amrita-earned differential: Similar to Dark Souls 2's soul memory mechanics where you wouldn't match up with any player who had earned too many souls throughout the character's history, regardless of what level they were currently at. This could be a possibility, maybe?

3) Game progress route differential: I always thought that the reason my Account A character wasn't showing up was because I had beaten Yamato-no-Orochi and unlocked Divine equipment, and that the game kind of separated itself into two tiers of players: those with divine gear, and those without, and those without would never see the graves of those who have gotten to the divine gear part of the game. I don't know if that's the case or not, but if it is, it seems possible (likely?) that there are more tiers than just that one, and maybe the reason Account C can't find Account B's grave is because it is too far in the game? There could be multiple options for when cut-offs might happen:

  • a) Maybe it's for moving onto the next region? Once you enter the next region, only players who have also been to that region can see you grave?

  • b) Maybe it's simply just the halfway point of the game, and if my Account B character was still in Region 3 I could find its grave with my Region 1 character? Maybe it's the fact that I have unlocked the Hidden Teahouse and joined a Clan, which occurs after completing the first mission in Region 3? Could be some other arbitray cutoff point in addition to the rumored cutoff for defeating Yamato-no-Orochi?

4) This one is a little more out there of an idea: Could it have anything to do with the "difficulty" rating of the grave? I noticed that each grave gets rated between 1 and 5 "graves" to define how challenging this revenant will be for your character to defeat. Does anybody know anything about how this might be calculated? And is it possible that there is a 6th hidden rating that if it would be higher than 5, it means you won't find that grave at all? And if so, maybe that's part of why I can't find certain graves. I could probably test this out most easily just by dropping a grave from my Account B character, at Level 1 from a Book of Reincarnation, wearing only equipment picked up off enemies in Isle of Demons, which would essentially make this character's grave identical in terms of challenge rating and quality of equipment it can drop to any other grave that might appear on that stage. If it STILL doesn't show up even with those parameters, then we can rule this out (as well as possibility #1 that I described above) and it almost certainly has to be either #2 or #3 (or a combination?).

And I had once considered the notion that it might be the equipment itself that's to blame: if you can't find the equipment naturally at your current progression in the game with your character, then you won't see graves where the revenant has it equipped. But I can rule this out, because Account C was able to find graves along the shore in Death to Bandits (Isle of Demons' first sub-mission) that were dropping full Warrior of the West equipment, despite that stuff not being dropped in the progression of the game until a couple missions past where I am now.

If anybody has anything they can add, please let me know. I'm going to have create more characters to do some more testing in the mean time.

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