Blizzard’s use of phasing in Suramar

So, I'm leveling a new character and got to do the Suramar story again. What I found really weird there is that the whole zone's become a bit of a mess chronologically. You get Thalyssra's message and go to investigate what's going there, you being one of few people who've been there recently. You get there and what do you find? Two armies besieging the city. Two armies, which you'll get to lead into that very same city in several weeks when you catch up on that rep grind.

When you first meet Vanthir you're supposed to discretely inform him that you're on the same side. At the same time, while Vanthir is casually hanging around there's nightborne and horde forces battling it out 10 meters behind him. You're supposed to be infiltrating the city and slowly bring it down from within without making your presence known. The problem is, that while you're doing thet, the Kirin Tor have already taken control of the central bridge leading to the Nighthold. Oh and who lead them there? Why YOU… from the future!

I don't understand why these things arent phased out so that new players can watch the story, that Blizzard has clearly invested a lot of time and resources in, progress naturally? Especially seeing how much phasing is used everywhere else.

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