Blackwake game update 10/03/17

This is taken directly from the Blackwake news on Steam.

Hey guys, we have a small batch of fixes since we've spent a lot of this week experimenting with the connection issues mentioned in our last update and also laying the framework for our next gamemode.

This update will require servers to be updated. Server owners should restart their servers. Soon we will introduce an automated live version check so this is an easier process, but until then it will need to be done manually.

-Tickets should now properly display on 16:10

-A very small amount of you are experiencing a bug where the player customization menu stays up when you join a server, this is still being investigated but it should be fixed enough to allow you to join a server. If you still experience this, delete cc.set in the Blackwake root folder and then validate the game files through Steam.

We're hoping next week we will have good news in regards to the connection issues, and also a possible glimpse of the next mode!

More permanent low FPS on high end rig ingame fixes: nVidia control panel – Threaded optimization swith it to OFF – Shader Cache switch it to OFF – Vsync ingame to ON

Voip crashing the game on use or causing issues by turning you into a robot/garbling – Try and uncheck the two exclusive mode ticked boxes down below in this menu

Blackwake now has forums for Clans and Events if you aren't a fan of Steam/Discord/Reddit. Join here and challenge other clans to war!

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